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·June 2020, European energy projects ahead of expectations [2020/6/9]
At the end of May 2020, the European energy project jointly invested by our company and European partners received positive feedback,the overall project progress exceeded expectations. There are two wells that will be connected to the main pipeline through pipeline before they can produce natur…
·In the second half of 2019, European energy projects is progressing smoothly [2020/6/9]
The European energy project jointly participated by our company and European partners in early 2018 made good progress in the second half of 2019. The project has made some breakthroughs in resource exploration and development, and European partners have successfully refinanced the project, thus pro…
·December 2019, Business rule of Law Construction Summit Forum [2020/6/9]
In December 2019, the first commercial law construction Summit Forum was held in Beijing. Dr.Zhou was invited to attend the forum.The theme of the forum is "the construction of commercial rule of law and the business environment of rule of law".  It is worth mentioning that the summit foru…
·October 2019, 13th China-Australia Resources Investment Forum [2020/6/9]
In October 2019,President of the company led the company team to attend the 13th Australia resource investment forum held in Beijing.The forum invited some mining experts from relevant mining companies to introduce their mineral projects with huge potential in Australia. By now Chinese companie…
·April 13th,2019 《Australian Horse Racing Carnival 2019》was first broadcast [2020/6/9]
Our sister company, HAHMCL, co-produced the《Australian Horse Racing Carnival 2019》program with Hainan TV (the former Hainan Tourism Satellite TV), which was first broadcast on April 13. This is the first time that China has live broadcast of famous racing meetings in domestic satellite TV, wh…
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