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Our President, Dr (Joe) Taihe Zhou, is an internationally recognized
and highly respected expert in tectonics and Chinese gold and base
metal exploration and development. Dr Zhou was a co-author of the Chinese
Government’s book “Mineral Deposits of China” and was the head
editor of 2002 special volume of “Tectonics and Gold of China” for
Mineralium Deposita, co-editing with Dr. Richard Goldfarb of the
United States Geological Survey (USGS). In 2008, Dr Zhou was
appointed as a Nomination Committee member for SEG (Society of
Economic Geologists).

Dr Zhou is not only a famous economic geologist but also a successful business entrepreneur. He is the foremost expert for the
resource JV projects between the Chinese mining industries and
overseas mining companies. He was once invited to accompany the former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke to visit China as an advisor. He worked for the Chinese
Ministry of Geology & Mineral Resources (MGMR) for over 12 years
and was one of the general managers of the AWI Administration
Services Pty Ltd, which was the second largest gold producer in
Australia at the time.  Dr. Zhou was the representative of Australia's outstanding Chinese representatives and was honored to meet the former President Jiang Zemin. He has been directors of several
exploration & mining companies in Canada, Australia, Britain and

In addition, Dr. Zhou has good communication channels and personal relations with Chinese government officials. He has operated business and investments in Hainan province since 2002 and has very good relations with local government.

Dr. Zhou has had a keen interest in Australia horse racing since 1987 and has participated in many "Melbourne Cup" events.